We have created, for your perusal, some sample Feastudy 11 Professional reports, which are very similar to Feastudy for Mac Professional and Feastudy Online Professional reports, in PDF format for the financial feasibility study of three types of developments -- subdivision, residential and office developments -- and two types of property investments -- a residential 'develop-and-hold' investment and an office investment. The reports include profit & loss statements, categorised cashflow, sell-on income calculation, sensitivity analysis and inputs detail reports.

Click on the relevant links in the Type of Study column in the table below to view reports for the type of files that are of interest to you.

Please note that Feastudy 11 Professional also generates categorised cashflow reports in landscape orientation, which allow for up to and including 16 months/quarters/years on an A4 page.

To help you further investigate the suitability of purchasing a copy of Feastudy, you can download a PC or Mac version of the program from here and:

  1. Simply start trialling the ‘normal’ interactive demo version of Feastudy Professional on a restricted basis in terms of: the data that can be entered, and the inability to create and save files; or
  2. Contact Us to obtain an Activation Key so that you can use the Enhanced demo version of Feastudy Professional, which for ten (10) days enables you to: create new feasibility files, edit them and demo files, save new and edited old files, and print all reports from these files.

Alternatively, you can investigate the suitability of purchasing a subscription to Feastudy Online Professional by ‘signing up’ for a trial of the application for ten (10) days from here.