Devfeas: Feasibility Study Software

Devfeas Pty Ltd, as trustee for MA & JW Trust, produces and markets the computer software programs, Feastudy 9 (for PC) Professional and Lite and Feastudy (for Mac) Professional and Lite, the Professional versions of these programs being for the financial feasibility study of property development and property investment proposals and the Lite versions being for the financial feasibility study of developments only.

Feastudy: Property Feasibility Study Software

The first version of Feastudy (for PC) was released in 1988 and since that time the program has been continually developed to the present. Feastudy 1.0 became the first commercial 'off-the-shelf' and 'stand-alone' (non-spreadsheet-based) Australian program to provide detailed reports for the financial feasibility of undertaking property development projects.

The current PC version, Feastudy 9, was released in October 2018. This version of the Feastudy program utilises the 32-bit architecture of Microsoft Corporation's Windows operating systems, 7, 8 and 10. The program is also suitable for a 64-bit Windows environment.

In June 2015 we released Feastudy 1.0 (for Mac). On 8 November 2018 we released Feastudy 2.0 (for Mac), which has Professional and Lite versions, for installing the application directly on macOS Mojave and the four versions previous versions of the Mac OS X / macOS operating system. These versions of Feastudy (for Mac) have a 100%-native Apple Macintosh user-interface for a 'look and feel' with which Mac users are very familiar. For more information about this product, go to our Feastudy for Mac page.

In November 2019 we released Feastudy Online Professional. This version of Feastudy is designed to operate on desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone devices which have both a modern web browser and an Internet connection.

The principal purpose of Feastudy Professional is to provide quick, comprehensive and reliable information in relation to: the financial feasibility study of real estate developments and investments; the residual land value of development sites; and the residual value of property investments.

Feastudy Professional has become the Australian industry standard in property feasibility study software, having comprehensive functions for development and investment studies in the one program, with many Australian development, accountancy and property valuation companies, and universities all being licensed users of it.

Mark Andrews, managing director of Devfeas and principal designer of the Feastudy software, has had several years' experience as a development project manager for real estate developers and, for many years, has been a Certified Practising Valuer and an Associate of the Australian Property Institute. Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Valuation and a Graduate Diploma in Project Management, both from the University of South Australia.

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