Property Feasibility Studies Made Easy on a Mac

Imagine undertaking financial feasibility studies for property development projects and property investments with consummate ease on your Apple Mac desktop, laptop or notebook, i.e. without much prior feasibility software tuition but with plenty of 'thinking' already done for you and lots of easily-accessed help available to you.

Please note that below on this page, Feastudy 4 for Mac Professional is mostly shortened to “Feastudy Professional” and Feastudy 4 for Mac Lite to “Feastudy Lite”.

Feastudy 4 Demonstration Video

We have developed an instructional video for Feastudy 4 Professional which illustrates some of the features and benefits of using Feastudy 4 for a residential development proposal. To get the video started, click on its play button and then, to see the video in a larger view, click on the YouTube button that then appears and then click the Full Screen button in the bottom right-hand corner of the video’s display in YouTube.

Feastudy Professional

Feastudy Professional is for investigating:

  • The financial feasibility of undertaking property development projects.
  • After-tax investment feasibility studies for developing-and-holding income-producing real estate.
  • After-tax investment feasibility studies for 'already developed' income-producing real estate.
  • Residual values for property development sites and property investments.

Feastudy Lite

Feastudy Lite is an industry standard software tool for developers and valuers to investigate:

  • The financial feasibility of undertaking property development projects.
  • Residual land values for property development sites.

Feastudy Professional and Lite versions can quickly, accurately and comprehensively calculate and display the following reports for all types of development proposals:

  • Three types of forecast profit and loss statements (including margin and internal rate of return information).
  • GST summary.
  • Categorised cashflows and itemised cost cashflows for monthly intervals.
  • Sensitivity analysis tables for variations in up to and including eight critical variables (such as construction cost and interest rates).
  • Inputs details.

Comprehensive financial information for an investment proposal is given in similar types of reports in Feastudy Professional, taking into account, among other things, the investor's:

  • Investment purchase price.
  • Rental income for various tenants at various escalation rates.
  • Equity injections.
  • Borrowing interest rate.
  • Marginal tax rate and capital gains tax rate.
  • Negative and/or positive gearing.
  • Depreciation on building, plant and equipment,.

Graphs for development proposals are also available for viewing on-screen and printing to paper from both versions of Feastudy.

When the user enters his or her required IRR and/or margin criteria, after all other relevant variables have been entered, both versions of Feastudy can be used to help determine the residual value of a development site for a particular development proposal and Feastudy  Professional can also be used to determine the residual investment value for an 'already developed' investment proposal.

Feastudy Professional

Feastudy Professional provides the following features, which are not included in Feastudy Lite:

  1. Investment feasibility study facilities;
  2. Residual Investment Value (RIV) calculations;
  3. Develop-and-Hold (D&H) Investment feasibility study facilities;
  4. specific data entry facilities and calculations for secondary debt funds and their loan establishment fee;
  5. specific data entry facilities and calculations for joint venture developments;
  6. the ability to have both the margin scheme and full taxation methods of GST-taxation of development sales in the one file;
  7. monthly/quarterly/annual loan to value ratio (LVR) calculations for developments;
  8. monthly/quarterly/annual cashflow interval options for development and investment studies;
  9. facilities for exporting all program reports to a CSV and/or a DOCX file; and
  10. a facility for entering notes for each file-specific data entry window (which can be printed in the file's inputs reports).

Feastudy is user-friendly in that it enables easy entry of data in a logical and consistent fashion, gives explanatory text for all data inputs, provides context-sensitive help for all data entry windows, allows convenient functions for creating, copying and deleting cost or income items in lister windows and gives on-screen and hardcopy report information in a comprehensive and easily understood format.

Advantages of Feastudy Professional

  • It is quick, accurate and comprehensive, in dealing with all types of development and investment proposals, including multi-staged and multi componented projects. 
  • After you enter the relevant data, it can give you all of the critical financial information you need for four types of property feasibility studies: property development, property investment, residual land valuation and residual investment valuation. 
  • The program's output is readily acceptable information for property financiers and accountants. 
  • Feastudy Professional can save you many hours of time creating and maintaining a feasibility study/cashflow worksheet on a spreadsheet program because only data entry is required. The program sets up a cashflow according to the dates you enter. No re-programming is required.
  • It gives you the certainty that, even though your data from development to development or investment to investment will vary, the program will deal with your inputs in the same flexible and consistent fashion for all calculations. This means you can compare project or investment returns on an "apples for apples" basis. 
  • Sensitivity analysis tables and graphs for critical variables help you readily perceive the importance of securing a certain sale price, a certain interest rate, etc. to achieve required returns. 
  • The program is very user friendly and its reports are very reader friendly. 
  • Considering the time it can save you and its reliability, Feastudy  Professional is an inexpensive tool for the important job of establishing financial feasibility.


Feastudy Professional's Australian GST & Taxation Features

  • A GST rate can be entered which applies to specific costs and incomes for development and investment proposals and residual land or investment value calculations. (The default GST rate is 10%.)
  • GST input tax credits in costs and GST debits in income for developments and investments can be calculated and then displayed in the Profit & Loss, GST Summary and Categorised Cashflow reports.
  • Income tax, Capital Gains Tax and depreciation for building, plant & equipment can be calculated for investments.
  • Remissions of "GST at Settlement" by purchasers at the settlements of sales of "new Residential property" created by a GST-registered developer.
  • A database of suggested Australian capital cities' property rates and taxes scales is incorporated into the program for the financial year 2023-2024 and these scales can be edited as the scales change.


The price of one licensed copy of Feastudy Professional is AUD$770.00 and one licensed copy of Feastudy Lite is AUD$440.00. Both prices include one year’s Feastudy Maintenance and Support Services for your program copy and, during that year, comprise: 

(a) any updates of the program which generally include any relevant corrections to but may contain some enhancements of the software;
(b) any upgrades of the program which generally include enhancements of the software; and
(c) all reasonable operating and technical support for your use of the software.

Enhanced Demo Program

You can trial the interactive Feastudy Professional demonstration program in Enhanced mode, which allows you to create new feasibility files, edit them and demo files, save all edited files, and print all reports and graphs (with a demonstration watermark across them) from those files for ten (10) days, by downloading the demo program from our website's Download page and installing it on your Mac, however you will require an Activation Key to do this. Please use our Contact Us form to get in touch with us and we will email the Activation Key and other relevant details to you.

Feastudy Referral Program

By inviting your friends to purchase a copy of, or a yearly online subscription to, Feastudy, after you have made such a purchase for yourself, they can receive a 10% discount and you can save money on your yearly re-subscription fees under our Feastudy Referral Program. For more information on this program, click here.

 Feastudy For Mac

System requirements: macOS 10.13 to macOS 14.1 (Sonoma) inclusive, 2GB RAM, 200MB free disk space, minimum 1920 x 1080 monitor resolution
Feastudy For Mac Lite


Feastudy For Mac Professional


The financial feasibility of undertaking property development projects
Residual land values for property development sites
Residual values for property investments
After-tax investment feasibility studies for 'already developed' income-producing real estate
After-tax investment feasibility studies for developing-and-holding income-producing real estate