Delivery Policy

Our policy is to deliver our software products (download and installation instructions, activation keys and tax invoice-receipt) by email as soon as practicable after we receive the relevant payment from the purchaser. In practice this usually means within minutes of the purchaser’s order and confirmation of payment by Visacard or Mastercard. Should an order be made with payment by EFT, then when the relevant payment is confirmed on a South Australian working day (i.e. Monday to Friday inclusive except for public holidays) delivery shall occur that same day unless the product is purchased after 4:30pm South Australian time, in which case delivery may be made during the morning of the next working day.

Refund Policy

Our policy is to refund a purchaser’s purchase price payment for a copy or copies of one of our products upon request by the purchaser on the following conditions:

  1. That the purchaser provides evidence to us which proves that our product is not “fit for the purpose” (i.e. evidence which shows that the product does not very substantially do what we have represented that it is able to do); and
  2. within fourteen (14) days of the purchaser notifying us about the relevant error(s) that the purchaser is experiencing with the program, we are unable to fix the product to make it “fit for the purpose.”

Should you wish to obtain a refund from us or require further information about our refund policy, you can email us via or phone us on (08) 8322 9690 during South Australian business hours.