Property Feasibility Studies Made Easy

Quickly, accurately and comprehensively test the financial feasibility of your property development or investment proposals with Feastudy.

If you're serious about developing or investing in Australian real estate, Feastudy is your best choice for establishing the financial feasibility of your proposal.
Watch our short video for a demonstration of some of the functionality and benefits available in Feastudy Professional for Mac. (Online and PC versions of Feastudy Professional are also available.)

For more detailed information about Feastudy, please see our product pages, Feastudy Online, Feastudy for PC or Feastudy for Mac.
To arrange a free trial of an enhanced demo version of Feastudy Professional, please contact us.

Key Benefits of Feastudy Professional

Quickly, accurately and comprehensively produces many reports, including: profit and loss, cashflow, GST Summary, sensitivity analysis and inputs reports.
Helps you determine the maximum price you should pay for a development site or investment.
Easily and intuitively used, requiring minimal key strokes for entering data. Much of the "thinking" is done already for you and there's plenty of accessible help.
Generates reader-friendly, professional-style printed reports and graphs to assist with external finance applications.
Available in Online, PC and native Mac versions.
Expert post-sales support is available if extra assistance is required.
Industry Standard

Since 1988, Feastudy has been the industry standard property feasibility software package for Australian developers, investors, valuers and financiers.

Online, PC and Mac Versions

Native versions of Feastudy are offered for Online (browser-based), PC (Windows) and Mac (macOS) platforms.

Easy To Use

Feastudy reduces key strokes for data entry to an absolute minimum, has context-sensitive help and provides easily-understood report information.

Feastudy Referral Program

By inviting your friends to purchase a copy of, or a yearly online subscription to, Feastudy, after you have made such a purchase for yourself, they can receive a 10% discount and you can save money on your yearly re-subscription fees under our Feastudy Referral Program. For more information on this program, click here.

Many thousands of customers have already chosen Feastudy, including Australian development, accounting and property valuation companies, and universities.

Here is some of their feedback:

Feastudy has proven to be easy-to-use and flexible. It provides quick solutions with a high level of comfort. While we can produce spreadsheet models from first principles, they are time consuming and one always has a fear that one formula may be wrong or a cell reference missed! Feastudy is a great product and very good value for money.
Feastudy has provided fast and accurate analyses that have been ideal for financiers and investors. It has proven to be very user-friendly and enabled us to make quick and accurate analyses on properties that we have been inspecting.
Feastudy has allowed us to produce detailed property studies with a minimum of time and effort. Its output is a valuable tool for our business and is particularly helpful when presenting finance proposals.