User Feedback

Over 2,500 customers have already chosen Feastudy.
Here is some of their feedback.

"Feastudy has proven to be easy-to-use and flexible. It provides quick solutions with a high level of comfort. While we can produce spreadsheet models from first principles, they are time consuming and one always has a fear that one formula may be wrong or a cell reference missed! Feastudy is a great product and very good value for money."

"Feastudy has provided fast and accurate analyses that have been ideal for financiers and investors. It has proven to be very user-friendly and enabled us to make quick and accurate analyses on properties that we have been inspecting."

"Feastudy has allowed us to produce detailed property studies with a minimum of time and effort. Its output is a valuable tool for our business and is particularly helpful when presenting finance proposals."

"Feastudy allows for flexibility as well as presenting a logical and consistent form which is common to all analyses. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool and quite suitable for the most complex assessments as well as small developments. Its output and reports are useful and straight forward, containing key information."

"Feastudy is essential to my business: It has saved us a great deal of time; made it easier to obtain finance; helped us gain clients and been of major benefit in putting up investment proposals."

"Feastudy is very important to my business. It is useful for our land subdivision feasibility studies and is our main tool for financial feasibility consulting to land developers."

"Feastudy is excellent for undertaking the feasibilty of development projects. It is simple to use as well as providing an effective production of useful information which is easy to read."

"Feastudy has the potential to be the industry property benchmark. It is the best product available for development feasibility studies."

"Feastudy produces great reports -- very professional looking. The banks love them."

"It's great that I don't have to think about the ins and outs of the GST. Feastudy does it all for me."

"Feastudy provides me with a business advantage."

"Feastudy has achieved my expectations of it, especially in its ease of inputting information."

"Feastudy is fun to use -- very quick and easy. No more mucking around with spreadsheets."