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Choose the Feastudy 9 for PC edition for which you wish to buy a licensed copy:


Click the appropriate button below to purchase your licensed copy of Feastudy 9 for PC. You will then be able to pay for your program copy by Visacard or Mastercard via our secure payment facilities.

Once your order and payment is confirmed, you will be immediately sent, by email, the following:

      (1) a tax invoice-receipt (or an invoice-receipt, ex-GST, for purchasers from outside Australia);

      (2) a link to your customer portal for you to manage your account with us;

      (3) your licence key for using the program; and

      (4) instructions for downloading and installing the software.

Please note that part of your payment for your program copy purchase is for one year's Program and Maintenance Support. This will be an annually recurring charge on your credit card account unless you 'opt out', which you can do via your customer portal account, however 'opting out' means that your Program and Maintenance Support will cease after the end of the twelve months' period for which you have last paid a subscription for this type of support, even though you will be able to continue using the program on PCs on which the program is designed to run.



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AUD$770.00 (inside Australia)

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AUD$440.00 (inside Australia)