Reports Generated by Feastudy

We have created, for your perusal, some sample Feastudy 9 Professional reports, which are very similar to Feastudy 2 (for Mac) Professional reports, in PDF format for the financial feasibility study of three types of developments -- subdivision, residential and office developments -- and two types of property investments -- a residential 'develop-and-hold' investment and an office investment. The reports include profit & loss statements, categorised cashflow, sell-on income calculation, sensitivity analysis and inputs detail reports.

To view one or more of these PDF files, you will need a PDF-file reader installed on your PC. If you have not already installed such software, you can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat (PDF File) Reader on your PC, after clicking here.

If or when you have installed a PDF-file reader, click on the relevant links in the Type of Study column in the table below to view reports for the type of files that are of interest to you.

Please note that Feastudy 9 Professional also generates categorised cashflow reports in landscape orientation, which allow for up to and including 16 months/quarters/years on an A4 page.

To help you further investigate the suitability of purchasing a copy of Feastudy 9 Professional, Contact Us to obtain a Password so that you can download the interactive Feastudy 9 Professional demonstration program from this website.

If you already have the relevant Password, you can download, install and use a copy of the demonstration package for a more comprehensive study of how Feastudy 9 Professional works and the reports that it generates.

 Sample Reports

Click on the name of the study to view a PDF version of that report.


Type of Study


Land Subdivision

A hypothetical land subdivision development of 66 residential allotments

Residential Development

A demonstration development for a pair of duplex houses

Office Development

A hypothetical CBD office development

Residential D&H Investment A demonstration develop-and-hold study for the abovementioned pair of duplex houses
Office Investment

A hypothetical CBD office investment